90 kW. The Venue iMT costs INR 9.90 lakh for the SX trim and INR 11.09 lakh for the SX(O). Hyundai has done a great job here as the engine is refined and there are very low engine vibrations. Price (Ex-Delhi) Starts Rs 6.7 Lakhs. ReScores (1) Improved. The system is clever enough to understand change in driving conditions, so it will allow you to pull away from standstill in second gear on a flat road but if there is a slight load, it will ask you to shift to first before pulling away. Now to move the car forward, you have put … Your comment should contain at least 5 characters, I wish to report this Comment because it is. There are sensors that detect the incline angles and apply the brakes. WhatsApp. Hyundai Venue IMT first drive review: We drive the clutchless manual shift variant The Hyundai Venue is one SUV which has really taken on the competition with aggression. For starters, your left leg will sing your praises in traffic. Prices start from Rs 9.99 (ex- showroom) for the entry level SX variant, and reach Rs 11.21 for … Pinterest. Re: Hyundai Venue iMT Review : Intelligent Manual Transmission without a clutch pedal Quote: But if you want to have a smooth experience of gear shift without the jerkiness, all you need to do is just lift your foot off the A pedal for a second and there will be up shift without any jerk (just like in iMT as suggested by OP of this thread). The Hyundai Venue is now available with the option of iMT or an intelligent manual transmission. Is it just another cheap and clunky budget solution? But if compared with the automatic counterparts, it does save some fuel overall. 10 Popular Discontinued Cars in India & Their Maintenance costs Explained! Let us say this loud and clear, there is absolutely no “head-nod” when shifting gears. Australian first drive. Search Search. So, if you accidentally shift second to fifth instead of third, the system will again warn you that the gear choice is wrong for the situation. While the gearbox does slot into the gear, the clutch software doesn't allow the clutch to release, preventing the engine from stalling and protects the engine and transmission while keeping things smooth. But, Hyundai promises the iMT will be easier to live with in the city while giving you all the performance and economy benefits of a manual. The rear seats feel a bit cramped though. James Wong Contributor - Review Gallery Price & Specs $ 19,990 – $ 25,490 Mrlp. When down shifting the system does a good job of raising engine revs before completely releasing the clutch so that accidental downshifts too are protected against. For starters, your left leg will sing your praises in traffic. 15,000 over its standard manual counterpart, the Venue IMT is here to expand the horizons for convenient clutchless driving. It was absolutely smooth while making gear changes at all kinds of speeds, and even when jumping a gear! Read User Reviews and Ratings of Hyundai Venue. It didn’t. Of course, the manual we tested was from the first batch of BS4 Venues while this is the new BS6 version. While standing still in neutral, there is a soft limiter of 5000rpm and when in gear, the software will allow you to rev all the way to the redline. The new Hyundai Venue iMT bears no cosmetic updates from the regular version. So it’s smart and safe, but can it be fun too? 2020 Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos: Turbo Petrol Automatic Comparision... 2020 Tata Nexon Facelift: Road Test Review, 2020 Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza: First Drive Review, Get Best Price, Instant Payment & Free RC Transfer, Compare & Save Big* on Health Insurance Policy, Find Best deals on Second Hand Cars in Delhi, Thank you! Its just a grown up hatchback with high ground clearance. Keep the gear lever in neutral, press the brake pedal and start the car. Hyundai Venue iMT offers a good list of features but does miss on some features like front ventilated seats and telescopic steering. Points to know: * If its your first premium car you may go with it. This, in turn, will lead to shutting down of the engine. “Innovation is the key to success.” And Hyundai is well versed with this fact. In an iMT however, the system disengages the clutch as soon as the engine begins to stall. But AMT, the other budget solution for easier driving in traffic, hasn’t really wowed people with its sophistication. But these exist for their performance-to-cost economies rather than their refinement. It behaves predictably, shifts incredibly, and seems to have all its safety systems in place to promote mechanical longevity. But what you can’t really see, rather feel, is the lack of a clutch pedal. So, this is the basic you need to know about the iMT. Living up to the ‘i’ in its name, the new iMT is surprisingly intelligent. Print. The legroom is not enough for the ones with heights above 6ft. Once you get going, you keep shifting gears in a similar fashion as you would do in a manual car.
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