With an old-looking oval rug and comfortable, unique couches, the room has something for everyone. Rustic simplicity is the name of the game in this room. It amazingly frames sea views. The two-story ceiling brings size to the room and the surrounding wooden built-ins give plenty of storage options. Spalted Oak Castle Rock stone veneer is the featured wall stone in a drystack mortared real stone masonry application for the fireplace stone. Dress Up Your Home with Stone Accent Walls. Cabin elegance comes together with a beautiful stone fireplace and patterned couches along with dark wood floors and brushed light walls. With white tile floors and white walls, the room starts off with very little color. The rugs offer more color while the piano gives off an air of sophistication. Accent Walls In Living Room. With a comfortable western style, the stone fireplace acts as a centerpiece for the leather couches. This beautiful, natural shiplap extends along the entire wall. Stone perfectly matches modern, rustic, cabin, minimalist and other décor styles, so don’t hesitate to install such a wall. This living area uses light colors to accentuate the space of the room. The white walls and light-colored stone fireplace pop in a room that has so many other elements going on. Stone works well with warm wood shades and leather. Even smaller living rooms can look large with the right use of color. Let’s consider some stone walls in various rooms to get inspired. Artificial stone adds warmth and fantastic flair to your fireplace decorating and create amazing accent wall design in contemporary style. Stone adds texture and a chic look to any living room – a minimalist, cabin, rustic, Scandinavian or just modern. The large leather couch seats plenty and the dark cherry wood floor brings out the colors in the red accented rug. Sometimes less is more and this living room proves that fact. By using our sites, you agree to our use of cookies. With beautiful wood floors, a comfortable rug, suede couches, a stone fireplace with a log mantel, and even an old gas pump in the corner, this room has something to offer every eye. With high wood ceilings and a coordinating stone fireplace, the living room has a definite cabin style. It changes the atmosphere to a warm and relaxing space. $93.68 $ 93. You can DIY your own faux stone wall at home, and modern materials and methods allow you to create the look of a traditional stone wall with a fraction of the work. Mixing both light and dark brings an element of style to this living room. The leather couches feel nice and cool in the summer and warm up nicely in the winter and the authentic big horn hanging over the stone fireplace reminds guests where they are. (Domus Nova), dark stacked slate with the inset fireplace and well placed accent lighting, An accent wall could connect two floors adding a special touch to both of them. The colors change with the gray fireplace stones and continue with the dark wood tables and green couches. Stacked stones are hard to install but when their come like panels the process is much easier. This fireplace is flanked on either side by storage cabinets, with both the cabinets and the firebox being framed by the same sage green stone veneer. I will show you how I built my feature wall. The light stones show the height of the room and the wide windows let in natural light. This room follows a simple color scheme including most tan and gray. This living room has a little of everything including plenty of natural light, dark furniture, light wood and carpet, and colorful accents. You can also use stone veneers inside on an accent wall or to enclose a fireplace for some eye-catching results. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. Some stone fireplaces make a room seem more like a cabin in the woods while others give a high-end, classy appearance. DeVinci Cast Stone fireplace mantels offers an extensive collection of timeless, fresh, & exquisitely crafted fireplace mantels. We use cookies to improve your experience and support our mission. Stone fireplaces vary as much as night and day. Look how amazing natural wood shiplap looks against a black natural gas fireplace. This also allowed us to use stone for the bottom portion of the fireplace. DIY TV/Fireplace Wall with Stone Accent & Tile Surround Definitely one of the most interesting projects I've taken on with a super amount of aesthetic impact. Installing a faux stone or natural stone wall there adds luxury and texture, and even the simplest bathroom décor becomes eye-catching. Most of all, simply enjoy the cozy beauty that the stones bring into the living rooms. All you need to do is dress it up. (WoodCo), In spacious bedrooms a stone accent wall looks great too. I built an accent wall and a vertical wall mounted fireplace in the master bedroom. Add a deer horn chandelier and an actual mounted deer head and the look is both modern and rustic. The couches are on the outside of the room so they are accessible, yet out of the way. Color, paneling, stonework or built-in bookcases are all great ways to draw attention to an existing focal point. An accent wall is a way to give your space an eye-catching look: wood adds warmth and coziness, a giant wall art is great idea for a wow-effect and faux stone is for a cozy rustic feel. Before deciding what should be your accent wall, look at the architectural elements of your home. Ledge Stone - Rustic (7.5 Lineal Ft. Corners) 3.8 out of 5 stars 4. A professional knows the best way to add shiplap to an existing gas fireplace. (Ancient Surfaces), cozy modern bedroom with a fireplace stone wall, brilliant use of hardwood and stone for a modern cabin bedroom, neutral bedroom decor with a textural fireplace wall, natural stone headboard wall and a wooden ceiling, faux stone accent wall adds lots of elegance to this minimalist bedroom. The long, low stone wall is a unique design element in this minimal living room. Dark natural wood and gold ceilings could make for a dark room, but the light rug, walls, and stone fireplace help the room open. A living room with modern elegance features stark contrasts like the dark leather couches and against the white, patterned rug. (KA DesignWorks, Inc.), Even if your home office is a part of laundry room making it cozy is a must. Stone walls are the perfect material choice for a fireplace wall. (Chris Snook), faux stone fireplace wall becomes a focal point in this cozy living room, fireplace and media wall decorated with stone, An accent wall is a great way to separate zones in an open layout space. This is a great room for relaxing on a cold winter night. Add a patterned rug and simple table and the mountain look is complete. The took looks tie together with the accent rug and the wood floors along with the large contrasting stones in the fireplace. The color coordinates with the walls and mirrors the ceiling and the dark couch and chair accent the center of the room. Two indented shelves surround a stone fireplace section making a lovely accent wall. With plenty of natural light, the light colored stone floor and fireplace stand out as accents. An intermediate DIYer could easily master the techniques. See more ideas about house design, stone accent walls, house interior. The fireplace acts as a centerpiece with stones piled up from floor to ceiling. Stone Fireplace Accent Wall: If you have a cream or grey stone fireplace your choices are endless. The small amount of stones around the fireplace help give set the style and the dark furniture and ornate decorations finish it off. This living room is perfect for families or entertaining. (Eldorado Stone), grey powder room with a stone accent wall and a modern dark wood vanity, Antique stone wall looks amazing in a contemporary luxurious bathroom. This elegant living room might look stark and boring without accent colors. A stone accent wall also works in home offices. The dark floor is opposite the light stone fireplace and wall. The white river rock fireplace features accent stones while the monotone wood floor has a pop of color from the rug. Modern materials and methods allow you to create the look of a traditional stone wall with a fraction of the work. The real log walls and green accent rug bring it further into cabin mode. Mar 29, 2019 - Explore AB's board "Stone Accent Walls" on Pinterest. 10. This living room allows an old world style in the modern day. (ARCON Architects & Builders, LLC), If you have a fireplace then a stone accent wall around it is a must. The wood floor is covered with a highly patterned rug, but the dark couch brings the look back together. The modern look continues with the odd couch shape and the intriguing artwork. The wife enjoys the floral window dressings and white accent furniture. John Buchan Homes. A rustic cabin meets a modern appeal in this living room. The modern look continues with the odd couch shape and the intriguing artwork. See more ideas about fireplace, fireplace design, fireplace remodel. A living room with grown-up appeal often features contrasting colors. This living room looks as if it is set up inside a steeple with pitched ceilings accented by wood beams. Also, you can use very commonly and cheaply available stones to get a feature wall that speaks … Learn how to upcycle an old, ugly fence into a stunning DIY plank wall in a herringbone pattern. With square tiles, it doesn’t matter if shoes are dirty, as long as they are kept off the patterned rug in the middle. This living room almost looks as if it is a sunroom du to its use of wicker furniture. (Ancient Surfaces), Faux stones that mimic traditional limestone with all its artefacts and rough shapes are perfect to install around the vanity. Feel as if you are in the mountains, even if you aren’t with this living room design. FREE Shipping by Amazon. (TCD Homes), Brown leather, warm wood and natural stone is an ultimate combo of coziness. The dark stone fireplace offers a statement while the dark floors makes the room appear smaller than it is. 8. Both natural and faux stone are durable and water and damage-resistant, so you can rock such a wall behind the bathtub or in the shower and turn your bathing space into a spa-like one. Kirkland Custom Living Room with Fireplace & Stone Accent Wall Transitional Living Room, Seattle. Let us light your fire! The throw pillows bring out the colors in the wood floors and everything coordinates nicely and opens the room. Because the fireplace and the TV already offer dueling focal points, the stone helps bring things back into perspective, unifying the room and creating a cohesive design. (Peace Design), stacked stone accent wall and petrified wood coffee table bring texture and interest to the neutral space. DIY Herringbone Plank Wall. Modern elegance is abundant in this living room with only white furniture, which is echoed by the mirrored wall. Fireplace With Textured Stone Accent Wall. dark grey faux stone wall for a dark modern entryway, stone accent wall in the entryway of a farmhouse, stacked stone wall in the hallway with a sea-inspired pillar, original stone clad was left to add a chic vintage look to the entryway. Saved by Krystale Penny Krystale Penny Artificial stone finish is an excellent choice for many homes. Stone adds texture and a chic look to any living room – a minimalist, cabin, rustic, Scandinavian or just modern. This versatile room can be used for a number of things and its shape alone greets the eye with intrigue. This look will impress any friend. With comfort and country style at the forefront, this room features light green walls and a patterned cherry wood floor. Gather around this rustic fireplace in a log chair and leather couches and almost feel the weekend. It’s rare that you can totally ignore it and unfortunately this is one of those times when I would NOT recommend painting it (brick you can paint–not stone usually). This look is fit for a king with dark stones highlighted by antique, highly decorative mirrors.
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