Tell Ahab, ‘Saddle up and get down from the mountain before the rain stops you.’ ”. Deliver me from this sickness. At the very first sign of a cloud, Elijah sent word to Ahab that he had better get his chariot moving unless he wanted to get drenched. Inheritance: Clinging to God's Promises in the Midst of Tragedy “Do you not know … I will … May more people experience what it means to live victoriously as they cling to God’s promises. Click To Tweet. Never. They want to claim the promises of God without having to meet the conditions.  They want to believe only portions of Scripture and ignore anything else that doesn’t suit them.  Youssef calls these people Cafeteria Christians, because they pick what they like from Scripture and leave the rest alone.  But it doesn’t work that way.  God’s Word is not a spiritual smorgasbord. Robert McQuilkin served over twenty years as president of Columbia Bible College until 1990 when his wife, Muriel, God sick with Alzheimer's. This is a conditional promise: If you delight your­self in the Lord and commit your way to Him, then He will give you the desires of your heart. Whenever you fulfill the condition of the promise— this is true “naming-it-and-claiming-it”—you can safely claim the promise and it will be fulfilled. Isaiah 41:10. Prayer: Loving Lord, I believe in Your promises for my life. Do you know why prayer is such a burden to so many people? These pick-and–choose Christians are like three little sisters who had just returned from a wedding.  They decided to play their own game of wedding, and each child had a role to play:  bride, groom and minister.  As the little bride and groom stood next to each other, the one playing the minister asked, “Do you take this man for richer or for poorer?”  Without hesitation the make believe bride replied, “for richer.”. 1 Corinthians 3:16. *Prayer of Dedication          Father, as we walk the pilgrimage of faith, give us generous hearts and willing spirits. 26:36—46). That is why it is through Him that we utter our Amen to God for His glory.—2 Corinthians 1:20. 4—5). Know that God is with you. Kevin D. RobsonChief Mission Officer, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. That was a trick question. They can handle a crisis, but somehow they can’t handle bless­ings. In every time and place, Jesus Christ is the foundation of genuine courage in confession. ... We feel God is continually showing us areas we need healing, but also reminding us where we have been, all the while, taking us to a new place – a new physical place, where we can continue that healing. – Hebrews 10:23 Father, may we be glad when it is said to us, “Let us go into the house of the Lord!” Let it be our delight, as well as our responsibility, to worship you in the fellowship of your church. So if you want to receive the promise, you must meet God’s conditions. Ahab descended the mountain to eat and drink. *Hymn of Response   # 312        “”Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus”. Our Offering to God          “If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday” (Isa. I will remember that he delights in doing … Crowfoot treasured the pass.  He put it in a leather case and proudly wore it around his neck for the rest of his life.  // Yet there is no record that the chief ever once availed himself of the right to travel on the Canadian Pacific Railroad.  God’s timing is not always our timing.  Meet the conditions for God’s promise, then trust Him – day by day – and he will fulfill it. I am convinced in my heart that he was pray­ing, “Lord, You promised me that if I stood before Ahab it would rain. No One Will Accuse You. Elijah could have said, “Now I have Ahab exactly where I want him.” But he didn’t. Everything else has been taken away from you. Yet to think that you love us like that makes us long to break our silence—to shout for joy and sing your praise. You can see that in Matthew 7:7 — Cling to God's promises! The Bible makes it quite clear why Jesus told the disciples this woman’s story: “to show them that they should always pray and not give up” (v. 1). But very small, no bigger than someone’s hand, rising out of the sea.”,                    Quickly then, on your way. An unconditional promise is not dependent on our actions; its fulfillment is strictly up to God. I want you to notice one last thing about Elijah’s prayer. During any season, but especially in hard times, God’s promises provide an anchor for our soul. Scripture says that while Elijah was praying on Mount Carmel, he sent his servant to look for clouds. Our bodies are taken by death. Jesus often taught that it is not the length of prayer, it is not the language of prayer, it is not the posture of prayer, but it is persistence in prayer that He desires. I put my trust in You. But where did Elijah go?  He climbed to the very top of Mount Carmel to pray, because when he heard the sound of rain there was not a single cloud in the sky.  Â, Why did Elijah confidently tell the king there was about to be a downpour?  He had just met God’s condition for the fulfillment of the promise.  When Elijah was still in Zarephath, at the widow’s home, God had said to him, “go and present yourself to Ahab, and I will send rain.”.

clinging to the promises of god

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