window.mc4wp.listeners.push( Happy HoliBLAZE! The Sagittarian makes a gracious leader who have both the knowledge and comprehension that inspires others. International Human Rights Day falls on December 10, National Ice Cream Day – December 13th, and International Monkey Day – December 15th. If a stone falls out of your jewelry due to defect, we will replace it at no charge. >> Locations. We simply share information and history. They understand that not everyone has the same drive and focus. Over the course of history Druids, Pagans, Anglo-Saxons, and many other cultures have attached their own meaning to flowers, herbs, and plants. For centuries before Christianity, Ancient Romans would plant hollies around their houses and villages to protect themselves from potential witchcraft, unwanted spirits, and other evil forces. It shows gracefulness and vital life even in the harshest of weather. People around the world valued Turquoise as a symbol of prosperity, healing and wholesomeness. “I heard a bird sing in the dark of December; A magical thing and sweet to remember.” ~ Oliver Herford, “A long December and there’s reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last.” ~ Counting Crows, “How did it get so late so soon? Poinsettias are said to represent success and bring well wishes during celebrations! The Capricorn’s earthiness results in hard work, determination, and a reserved nature. } Well it’s National Egg Nog Month and Fruit Cake Month in the US. Herbalists value the Narcissus’ aroma as a means of helping people with anxiety and “busy minds”. Zircon comes from a Persian term equating to “gold-colored”. You have fire in your soul. The leaves brewed into a tea makes an effective fever reducer. Don’t let them languish. And of course Pine remains the favored tree for holiday adornments. The month of December contains the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the north, the day with the least amount of daylight hours for the year. December’s full Moon marks a perfect time for ritual and physical cleaning. On December 15th Consuales Ludi took place, paying respect to the harvest God (Consus) who protected grain storage. We are closed today for the ho, Who's about to get lit af tomorrow and eat way too, Just in time for the holidays! Its night before its afternoon. Headed West is a full-service smoke shop and novelty store based in Denver, CO. We specialize in a variety of head shop items including CBD, vaporizers, glass smoking pipes, detox, and more! Movable holidays in December include Green Monday (2nd Monday of the month), the UK celebrates Black Friday with a plethora of parties (last Friday before Christmas) and the Roman Catholic Feast of the Holy Family (the Sunday after Christmas). This is the real origin of the Christmas tree.” When working with delicate spiritual processes (like walking between the worlds) it becomes a protective ally. Tree Astrology Which Tree Were You Born Under. These sacred Celtic trees served as an abode of fairies and spirits.Everything revolves around these sacred trees. I never eat December snowflakes. In Numerology Six is the number of love, being governed by Venus. Capricorn comes in completing December’s Zodiac round up. It is also No-Gender December internationally. *, Headed West is a full-service smoke shop and novelty store based in Denver, CO. We specialize in a variety of head shop items including CBD, vaporizers, glass smoking pipes, detox, and more! As the language developed over time the word eventually became Holly! To some it may come off as mean, but you are just super passionate about everything. Injustice, big or small, boils your blood. The narcissus is symbolic of good wishes, hope and wealth. In some areas Pine holds standing as a god in its own right. Back in the day, trees had a special place in Celtic culture. Native Americans say that Pine represents long life and wisdom. On December 8 the Festival of Lights takes place in Lyon as well as Pansexual Pride Day. Astronomers taking to the hills enjoy the Canis-Minorids from December 4th until the 15th. Although some animals and birds enjoy holly berries, they are semi-toxic to humans. Seriously, it's probably the coolest newsletter ever. The first New Year’s Eve celebration in what is now known as Times Square (1907). Tibetan monks see this gem as a stone of wisdom and serenity and many Shamans used Turquoise for divinatory efforts. December’s traditional birthstone is turquoise. We know that some people used it as a protective stone for newborn babies. Let’s start the last month of the year right by learning a little bit about the December Birth Flower! As you learned above many cultures used it for different purposes but mainly for protection, eternal life, and fertility. Yes, the one and only Robert Graves, whom just happened to call himself a Druid. White is also the hue associated with “good guys” who come to the rescue. Red coupled with Green sings of the Yule decorating scheme. Buy December Birthstone Blue Topaz Necklace for Wife Birthday Gifts Women Tree of Life Blue Sapphire Jewelry Mom Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace and other Pendants at In modern times and herbalism, the holly is seldom used due to the discovery of more efficient herbs. PANIC PEOPLE!! December's third birthstone is one of the oldest know gems: turquoise. The Oak King rules during the light time of the wheel and then Holly King takes over during the dark half After a brutal battle of light vs darkness the Holly King takes over and the dark time of the year begins. Filed Under: Birthstones by Month Tagged With: birth flower, birth stones, birth tree, blue topaz, capricorn, famous people in december, sagittarius, topaz November Birthstone – Citrine The birthstone for November is the Citrine. Galileo follows in 1995. Oct 17, 2019 - Explore Erin Boyle's board "December birth month symbolism", followed by 137 people on Pinterest. Once the truth was known, retailers started seeking out this gem, which is one of the most popular stone in the market. It is a happy hue. An ancient mineral, Zircon contributes heavily to the sands of our beaches.

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