The PM-6006 and A-S701 are both excellent amps. Thanks for your time. But that’s no bad thing – those filters often have such a subtle effect on the sound that finding the best filter is often nothing short of maddening. It’s certainly not bad, it’s a fine player in fact. They place the high frequency driver in the throat of the mid/bass driver, meaning that the sound comes from a single point. After reading quite a lot of different sources regarding my choice for an amp, this is one of the nicest reads. Any suggestions which amp would be best match for the Focal 905. There is an updated version of your amp which may be suitable, you can find it Here. The aforementioned impedance selector switch accompanies the large speaker terminals, which can accept bare wire or banana plugs. some do, but if you need more connectivity most will opt for an external DAC anyway. The cheapest integrated amplifier I can think of which has a home theatre bypass input is the Arcam A19 priced at around £600. Have a listen to an A-S501 if you can, as well as a modern Marantz and see what you think. The Dutton’s are being offered to me for £200. :) The Marantz is warmer and as you rightly say less powerful, though 50W P/C is usually more than enough for most environments. can i connect an audio interface to the A-S501. I don’t see one on the back of the Yamaha. What is important is to have a look to the minimum impedance of the speaker. I am just wondering if it will work well with my speakers. having a big flac format folder in my laptop and stream through AS501 and have hifi resolution. How does the 501 stack up against the early 80s separates? The power output of 85W per channel (into 8 ohms) remains from the previous model, as does the impedance selector – which adjusts the amps power supply to provide more power for low-impedance speakers. Specially for a newbie like me. The 2 amps are similar in terms of connections, though the A-S501 replaces the (IMO useless) iPod dock port with a decent DAC. Yamaha multicast lets you stream over WiFi from your phone or any device or PC. Probably something from Yamaha, the CD-S700 or perhaps the new CD-NT670, or the older CD-S300 which show up often on the used market. Personally I think an Arcam MiniBlink would be a better option as it’s one of the best (reasonably priced) bluetooth receivers out there. Is the dac in the a-s500 better than the one in the r-n500? Top of the 1000 range, I think, above the 1030 and 1060. You should really use a hard wired connection. I want to build a home-theater with this amp, but I don’t know any good speakers. There isn’t a Bluetooth receiver built-in to the A-S501 but you can get an outboard unit from Yamaha called the YBA-11, which costs around £50. Dealer assures the 6006 will be much better. Deciding between the Yamaha AS501 and the Marantz PM6005. Categories; Brands; Versus; EN. As the stylus traces the record groove, the dirt is pushed further into the groove, resulting in the pops and clicks you hear on playback and also resulting in a dirty stylus. Now, the other reason I am writing you is to ask for your oppinion on the following combo: 1. Hi Ashley, I definitely want to go Yamaha, not interested in other makes. matsel Member Thread Starter. Hi Gitendra, thanks for sharing your experiences with the 701 and 801, all valuable information. My current amp has a clearly marked preamp connection. Buy the Startech BT2A wireless receiver with its built in Wolfson DAC and feed it to the amp’s line-in or through the Toslink into the 501’s internal Ti Pcm5101 DAC. The same goes for speaker cables. Some thoughts on your other questions: Any old Bluetooth adapter will be as good as, or better than, the YBA-11 which is getting on a bit now. Thank you for your advice. If your laptop has a digital out connectn, run that into the yamaha’s DAC. Both are worth considering. Hi Ashley So I found a wonderful audio shop in Hagerstown Md. With regards your question, the Yamaha is the more powerful of the 2 amps. Greetings from India. I’d be looking at the A-S501 or Onkyo 9050 if you want headroom. What a very helpful review!! Fast forward a couple of years, and the A-S500 moved onto a new home, and was replaced. N-602 has built in blue tooth, and better yet let’s you steam over wi-fi, and it has a variable loudness control knob which I love. My old man has a small Marantz from the 70s and I’m always impressed on the sound quality, much better than a powerful Onkyo from the 90s I had. It’s been 2 years (!) Could I connect an Apple TV to the digital optical input? Total cost $200. I had a 6004 some years ago that was similarly rated but drove difficult speakers with ease. This amp takes them to a whole different level! Not everybody wants the faff and there is nothing wrong with that. What Hi-Fi? Like most reviewers I don’t actually own the product in question (the A-S501 in this case), it was a review sample on short term loan. IF that doesn’t fix the problem, try to give me some idea of the rest of the system and what exactly you mean by “terrible” sound. Thanks. Now I have to change my NAD 541i CD player. Just thought I would let you know that the Def Tech speakers were delivered today. These include 5 line level inputs, a moving magnet phono stage with ground, 2 record outputs and a single mono subwoofer output. I won’t be able to audition them, unfortunately. Im connecting my laptop to standard samsung led tv an use the optical tv out to connect to the DAC in my Yamaha A-S501. Nice. New records should be cleaned also. The A-S501 isn’t very old and the Yamaha amps are very reliable, so I suspect the ‘refurb’ was probably a customer’s unit that was traded in / returned, cleaned and rebooted ready for sale. I have no warranty on the speakers… I have to fix it on my expenses. My doubt here is in the amplifier to pair it with. The Pro-Ject VC-S is the best value machine on the market currently, I reviewed it Here. A DAC with dual coax inputs would allow you to connect up your NP-S303 as well, though it has an internal DAC that you’d have to spend a bit to better. I might later on buy a new disc player. I must add that my laptop does not have a optical output. I am from Mumbai, India. I have a wide vocal range and often speakers can’t reproduce it properly. These new Yamaha amps does not give bright sounding characteristics like its predessor. Glad you’re enjoying it and thanks for sharing your feedback. For me the headphone output is a nice thing to have but sadly they are often, as you say, an afterthought and don’t come close to being able to compete with external units, at least not where lower end integrated amps, such as the A-S501 are concerned. The NAD has no DAC, but for the near future I will not be using that. called Hunt Audio and purchased my first nice system. 2. Cheers. Hi Ashley. Ended up going for the 801 upgrade. I would be very pleased with some advise form you. I can’t comment on their sound quality compared to the A-S501, but they get a lot of favorable reviews, for example: the RX-A850 gets a 5-star rating on a well known hi-fi website. Thanks and regards. If you just want to playback music video or the like from your mobile to your hi-fi, you can get a 3.5 jack to RCA cable and use any line input on the 501. But still I don’t understand why it is happening at just one speaker. However there is the issue of reliability. I’d like to stick with these for the moment, and am hoping the 501 will suit them The 501 should have more than enough power, and the Planar 2 would be an excellent match though I’d avoid the standard Carbon cartridge, and change it for something better. You should have 1 lead running to each speaker with the black (-) terminal on the amp connected to the black terminal on the speaker, and the red (+) terminal on the amp connected to the red terminal on the speaker. The Arcam players are quite popular on the used market and I believe parts are available for many of them. I would only offer this – don’t just read reviews, listen to LIVE music. Any thoughts appreciated. well, this is what I aim for. With its USB input, I’m currently streaming Spotify Premium on my MacBook Pro, and the amp’s front panel tells me it’s coming in at 24/192 rate. The Yamaha is more neutral, whereas the Marantz, to me, is more musical. 501 is definitely worth the extra. Im considering to pair them with the Tannoy xt 6f speakers. Great to hear you’re still loving your 801, I’ve only heard good things about that amp. That power supply includes a custom power transformer and 2 custom-made 12000UF block capacitors. I worry about having adequate headroom for listening to jazz and classical music. Our first impressions are good. I think they’d be a nice match. SKU: 5097023. Thanks to it, I have been enjoying mine for a few months now. Ultimately I’d love to get my hands on a A-S1100/2100 but might be a while before I can justify spending that much on an amp . There are a great many speakers out today with reviewers going on for ever more about their positives and negatives. However, the NR 1506 receiver with 5.2 and networking is available for only USD 30.00 more. Get extra protection for your YAMAHA A-S501 2-Ch x 85 Watts Integrated Amplifier w/ Built-in DAC Black with a comprehensive service plan CPS For Item $250-$500 2 Yrs Additional Protection (3yrs … So if anyone ever asks about the Def Tech SM55s and how much power it takes to drive them, in my experience, 50 wpc is enough. These Yamaha A-S501/701/801 are very reliable and gives a very clean sound and no distortion. the preamp is a parasound p5 and after what you just said, I guess my current amp is not an integrated one. It has line out and digital coaxial out (what’s the difference there, actually?). It’s more suited to people who want to stream a library of MP3s from their phone, for example. After 3-4 minutes of playing, the problem appears again. The variable loudness control brings back that low-end power, while allowing you to use more of the A-S501s volume scale. My question is, is the dac in this player likely better or worse than what’s in the two yamahas? Digital optical (or coaxial if the PS3 supports it), Ohh yeah nice I’ve been using optical but as of now i have an av receiver & when listening to music from an HDMI I didn’t really notice a difference but for games n movies only went to optical cuz people tend to say thay hear a difference in the channels. Josh – I’ll leave the professional answer to Ashley, of course, but I can tell you that having tried the 501, 701, and 801 I ended up going with the 801 because of its dedicated USB DAC (An ESS Sabre ES9010K2M cable of 32 / 384 and DSD decoding), which I find excellent. The phono stage is an opamp-based stage. Thanks for your reply. Visit our corporate site. But here is my point Ashley, after countless hours of serious AB listening to Revox, Mac, Tandberg, B&O etc. The Yamaha amps barely get warm. hi, Next step is replacing my old Peerless speakers.. Hi, A Cambridge 851D can be found on the used market for about £450, but again there are tons of DACs around depending on what you want and your sound preference. And usually the tweeters will blow before the mid range. I own an A-S501, and I’ve demo’d the 701. Reviews & ratings: Yamaha A-S501 Integrated Amplifier, 220W Dynamic Power at 2 Ohms, 10Hz-100kHz Frequency Response, Black MFR: A-S501BL. It has another fault in that it reads the disc when I load it but within seconds loses the detail. In my opinion the Japanese have always had the best balance of value for money, engineering prowess, reliability and performance, but their components are often overlooked due to better marketing and brand bias and reputation particularly in the UK. Hi Ashley, thank you and I appreciate very much your reply that enlightened me about my query. I have read that they benefit from a high quality amp, but $500-600 dollars is about all I can spend, so I want to get the best bang for my buck. There’s no drama involved in setting up or using the A-S501. I listened to this unit side-by-side with Yamaha’s 685 AV receiver, and even in Direct mode there’s no contest. Alex. Sound is subjective of course, and my preferences will differ from yours. For my smaller listening spaces I like an old set of Tannoy PBM 6.5’s and for larger spaces the Klipsch Heresy’s. The alternative is to look at £300 to £500 CD players, I did own a Yamaha CD300 for a couple of years but thought the sound it produced was poor so I guess I would be looking at Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo, Marantz and the like. 2 user reviews. Which brings me on to my final point; budget. I use Van Damme UP-FC-OFC 6MM, though the 4MM or even 2.5MM variety would be fine and costs a couple of pounds per metre, if that. Your alternative would be something like a Yamaha R-N602 which is an amplifier with streaming capabilities and digital inputs, to which you could pair a set of Tannoy XT6Fs, an AT turntable, and a cheap CD player to use as a CD transport and still be within budget. I compared it with my Oppo HA-2 portable headphone dac/amp which is more neutral, more detailed and has a wider soundstage. Ultimately the data coming out of the digital output should be identical when the maximum amount of data has been extracted from the disc. I have not heard that specific DAC though I’m afraid. & also i was wondering well i listen to all my music exported on to my ps3 & downloaded music videos so when it comes to 2 channel whats the best way to go analog or optical digital? Softer but less precise sound or colder and more precised. Take most of the comments on hi-fi fora with a pinch of salt. So if it were a case of damage by the previous owner it would more than likely be very noticeable and it’s unlikely that it would be intermittent. Do I need a built-in DAC, or will the 501’s DAC suffice? You could also take a look at the Q Acoustics Concept 20 from Richer Sounds, which is right around your budget once you add a pair of stands and some cable. Yamaha A-S501 or Alternatives? Interesting Ashley I never gave that a thought about my Yamaha amp, I guess if it had a DAC I would have the Cambridge Transport now. I’m afraid I’ve not heard the Emotiva, but it can’t hurt anything to try! Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). I’ll try to get a demo. Specs wise, certainly. However, the A-S501’s composure falters a little when things get complicated. Yes, any of those ports are suitable. The Fiio player uses the excellent CS4398 DAC chipset as used in a few very good CD players, and an output stage comprising quality op-amps. Just an update on the final outcome. The record selector found on the previous A-S501 is no-longer present – and is a disappointing omission, as it was a feature i used often. I considered the new Marantz 6006, but all Marantz amps are more expensive in the States for some reason. It keeps the cover firmly in place and reduces resonance – the enclosure emitting only dull thuds when tapped. Any idea how the as501 compares to the rn602 and the as701? I run the digital output of an old (1989) Technics P350 into an 851N and it works fine and sounds great, exactly as the 851N does when playing back lossless digital rips in fact. It does require a bit of careful system and cable matching though, bright speakers or cables can result in a bit of unnatural harshness at the top end. Yamaha’s unique variable loudness technology reduces the mid range frequencies, and adjusts the bass and treble frequencies accordingly, compensating for the human ear’s loss of sensitivity at low frequencies. Anyways, the AS701 that I am testing now is awesome. Another question: Is it worth buying a used amp like this to save $200 or just buy a new one? How would it compare to the Yamaha? And I find that as with all things – our imagination fills in the blanks. What do you think about the Yamaha YBA-11 connected to the AS-501 amp? do you happen to know any models usb dacs (24-bit 192KHZ) that I should look at? hows this brightness thing going on? I typically listen a mix of jazz, electronica, folk, and blues. You didn’t do it for a prolonged length of time I’m sure your kit is fine. this is a preasant for my 60th birthday so thankyou again for helping me to buy the best for my budget.ill let you know in about a months time. The software is a little dated, there’s no built-in wifi or Bluetooth and I’m not sure if the software is being updated. Model: A-S501SL. Thanks for your kind words on my reviews. I want to buy a new amp and now I’m in doubt between the A-S501 and the NAD C 316 v2. I consider these speakers to be a significant upgrade over the NHTs and hope they sound good with the Yamaha/NAD. really speaker pairing is down to personal taste anyway. Yamaha A-S501. In fact, it’s similar to that supplied with the CD-N301 – with a few alterations to the controls and the layout. Because after listening to some of these very expensive speakers my conclusion is that regardless of what the reviewers say, it’s about how they sound to you. I tend to agree with you though I haven’t auditioned the A-S201 but on the A-S301 paired to their own Yamaha sovar hifi 3 directional speakers, I found that the sound is very lay back and lack details unless you up those BASS / TREBLE buttons to the Max ( + ) and only then will the music details comes out. You are correct in that in your setup, you are using the DAC of the A-S501 via the optical input. I can’t pass 50% of the volum cause it gets crasy loud! It’s a decent effort, very warm-sounding with high levels of detail. It replaced my old JVC HT reciever and this Yamaha is like 4 times better! It’s a hard power switch – shutting off the power supplies completely when the amp is powered off. Is there any other amp in this price range worth exploring? I’m getting the A-S501 with a pair of floor standing Monitor Audio Bronze 5. Look forward to your advise. Does anyone know what could be the issue? Yes – I would definitely consider used as long as it is within 5-10 years. I switched the impedance selector to the LOW position and the speaker acts normal as far as I noticed until now (about 10-15 h of listening). While I certainly don’t discourage the acquisition of knowledge, and always encourage digging in and having a go (that’s how I learned after all), I’ve seen some amps on the second hand market which claimed to have been ‘overhauled’ and were done so to an extremely poor and sometimes unsafe standard.

yamaha a s500 vs a s501

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