I don’t make it a habit of lying, but it appears you got something back that’s essentially worthless, and was not allowed per Amazon’s return policy regarding software/video games. Most recievers of gifts open the item, but rarely say to gifter: “I want my money back, this doesnt play on my 360”. And I told them, I sang the song to the point I’d release. Be aware that GameStop considers games “opened” once the shrink wrap is removed. I purchased Animal Corssing and the Wii Speak bundle at Tesco earlier, and I'm not very impressed with it. Maybe “Elder Scrolls III Morrowind”. Only on used games do you have 7 days to return it for whatever reason. Navigate to Steam Help (help.steampowered.com) and log in with your Steam account. As our customer services team are very busy at the moment, we’ve extended the amount of time you have to return opened products from 14 to 21 days. Gifts from friends dont’ get opened and demanded a new item. Yes, there is no easy solution for the problem. Christopher Evans ... but schools can stay open. We use cookies belonging to GAME & third parties to provide you with the best experience on our site and deliver marketing based on your interests. 20% is more reasonable. Your talking like 10.00 here, and is that really worth dealing with anything else for that amount of money. The buyer is claiming the game did not work. One item had a mark on the disc probably from condesation of hot and cold weather. If the game was sold in celophane, then the celophane needs to still be there. Please ensure you retain all packaging, manuals and accessories to allow us in processing the return in store. If you can handle the claim or feedback then it would be up to you, but if not, then refunding and moving on usually causes less headaches to deal with. If you purchased in-store, and the product is unopened and is pristine condition, then we’re giving you extra time to return your product, you’ll have 21 days from your local store re-opening. I'm known for be picky for my games. Off the Charts Video Games. Corporation ID number: 556737-0431. Seriously, the buyer just needs a checking account to get started and some shipping common sense. Bad luck TC. Your store is not open. According to the Amazon returns policy, I don’t have to issue a “full refund”, but it doesn’t specify what will happen if it is returned opened despite a warning. So they informed me to start singing BEFORE I went up to the alley. I would love some help with this. Hello and thank you for your communication. But, in general I’ve never had a bad buyer. What can't I get a refund on? If your purchase is not listed, it falls too far outside of our refund window and is ineligible for a refund. I just came across something online on how to return an opened video game, its not illegal, its just smart thinking. thanks. The game at Newlands, Cape Town, was due to start at 11am today but will now take place on Sunday. The word of mouth positive feedback about Amazon is far more valuable than a $25 refund. the only way to return a game and get a full refund is: 1) either that sticker is still there and does not look like it has been tampered with. Commission may be received. Didnt work. You may get negative feedback, but you can always reply. We won't accept the return of any software returned to us if it's been opened. They have a good deal. We have extended that policy regarding returns in these respects: Pre-Owned digital media can be returned to us for exchange of the same title or customers can request an exchange for a differing item of similar value. . trading as GAME.co.uk - Company Registration No: 7837246 - Company Registered in England Registered Address: Unity House, Telford Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 6YJ. But buyer opened it, does buyer not understand the “like new” condition and thought that a fingerprint was going to cause a problem playing the game. For items already shipped new if the buyer states they no longer want the item inform them to refuse delivery, upon return it will be refunded back less shipping and a restock fee if you so desire. I bought a XBox One game system, I returned it because I found another one cheaper elsewhere. Used Game … Please take a moment to review Amazon’s standard return policies at http://Whereever it is@ Amazon.com. The game is obviously now opened and worth less than when it was so… A buyer wants to return a video game he/she bought that was brand new, factory sealed, and listed as “New”. I like games like skyrim etc. So instead of the 10 second romp I got it down to about 5. . I recently had a customer request a return on a new video game. Posted 7th Dec 2008. Word of mouth on Amazon would concur. You can charge up to 50% restocking fee for damage/opened returns. Plus, they’ll pay for the return shipping charges. Opened, it can be exchanged for another copy of the *same* game if it's defective. You probably already realized this but if not this is what you do. Post Tweet Should you wish to have a small or medium sized item collected by our … Because of your damn handle I spent half of yesterday playing “How Do You Do?” by Mouth and Macneal. Can I return a video game to Tesco after opening it? We will introduce to PayPal (Europe) S.à rl et Cie, S.C.A, 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449, Luxembourg. Registered office: Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden. why would buyer pay so much more for the game new than used, like 22 dollars more? P.S. Whole team. If the item in question is still sealed and has not been opened simply return it to us accordingly. It turns out my son wanted an Xbox system. I just had to get to my point in the song quicker. 90 days to return- with receipt, unopened goes back the way you paid. If it wasn’t sent back with a tracking number, I would consider claiming I never got it back. Chris Bradford 21 minutes ago. Subject to status. You have seven feedbacks in the past year. The delay of 10 seconds was to get to the part of the song that matched. Lol. Good feedback will most likely come from the experience. The retailer you've purchased from will accept the return with a receipt, and in some cases will even accept opened games for a return for a reshelving fee. To learn more, please see our COOKIE POLICY. It is unfortunate that these policies must exist for new sealed digital media. I’m curious because Amazon’s warehoused distribution is a work of art and storage fees may come into play on games that have a 10 year turn around. I was trying to help buyer. There has be a bundle of XBOX games not worht much that buyer would accept as collateral. Posted 30th Aug 2012. hi, just wondering what people's experiences have been like when it comes to returning a video game to argos when it's unsealed. After you have logged in, click on A Purchase. Game Retail Limited. You can withhold up to 50% of the refund, but the buyer is welcome to leave negative feedback if they feel that is unfair. Amazons rules exist to protect both the consumers and vendors. If it has been opened then unfortunately we cannot accept it back, however you can still trade the item in at a local game store or consider selling … Trasparency is an option. And once again, not a word mentioned this time. You have 33 feedbacks since January 1, 2012. What would you do? If I’d have known about Amazon in the '90’s Gamestop wouldn’t have all my valuable games. You can return your item to any one of Game stores nationwide for a full return or refund. The problem with these items once opened is they cannot be resold at Amazon as new irregardless if an item actually has been used or has not been used. Maybe the buyer is independtly wealthy and the $22 restocking fee isn’t a lot. Game Retail Limited acts as a broker and not a lender. I wouldn’t lie about not getting the game returned to me, but I would have to come up with a alternative plan to re-inburse buyer. After 30 days you can not return it. As for pointing out gaps in the story, and not hearing from TC I want to anticipate any future problems I could encounter on Amazon. I played a lot of BL2 and to be honest I'm sick of the series. Depending on your situation, sometimes its easier to refund in full and move on. - Page 2. Valve will, upon request via help.steampowered.com, issue a refund for any reason, if the request is made within the required return period, and, in the case of games, if the title has been played for less than two hours. TC, at least charge the buyer the restocking fee. Are they a collector and not going to open it, would be my guess. GameStop used game return policy the open package is not eligible for returning it then there is no change to return it. If it has been opened then unfortunately we cannot accept it back, however you can still trade the item in at a local game store or consider selling it or trading it at websites online to recover the expense. It doesn't matter. Amazon Global Store Return Policy. LOL. Refunds for pre-owned digital media are subject to a restocking fee and shipping is not recoverable as we cannot recover those expenses from the Postal Service. You have to decide what your time is worth and how much you want to deal with this 25.00 purchase. If the item in question is still sealed and has not been opened simply return it to us accordingly. I have a store called game stop. Out of the box, teach your buyer how to resell the item. Sign up for the latest news, game releases and best deals. Haven’t posted on forum since 2012. Short and easy. COMPLETELY mangled them, I dont think we threw a single 700 series between the five of us! Amazon’s policy is these items can be returned if still sealed and thus unused. Most retailers will not allow you to return an opened game. Rhys135 21. For us to list the item returned as new when it is not in its original sealed condition is a violation of Amazons rules for vendors. i just tonight ( the 16th i believe ) bought nfl 2008 for the ps2 from best buy....before that i had nfl 2007 for the game cube and i find that the 2007 game has better graphics and the same story ( super-star) kind of basis....can i return it for full purchase price if i … Right on “Dig it the Dancing Queen” I’d be on my release. Will you refund my original shipping as well? In reality what I was doing was humming a Abba song, “Dancing Queen” in my head because its rhythm was ever so close to my approach. You haven’t sold anything since May, or at least have received no feedback since then. You can only return the same game twice. We reserve the right to refuse returns or to charge you our fees and expenses if the product isn't received in … Am I able to return it to the store and recive my money back or will I … Once you've gotten two refunds for a game, you can buy it again — but you won’t be able to get a third refund. If we are able to perform the exchange we will. Depending on the situation, and everyone is different, but I find charging a restocking fee on low value items worthless to do, and only causes more problems. If there was a tracking number, you could send it back to the buyer with a note explaining the item is not returnable, per Amazon policy. yup. Package it neatly back into the box and seal it exactly as you got it, or to the best of your abilities, then you can return it. On top of that I heard to port for the first game was dreadful. The game came with a return slip saying where to return it to for credit if need be or it indicated an option to return it to any store. GAME Retail Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 652341). . Was the item a gift? Can you return a game you've bought but have never played and have no intention of playing? It can take up to 25 days for an item to reach us once you return it. Three of where I live. 50% is extreme. Good to know about FBA. When I used to bowl and lost my rhythm I’d like, pause 10 seconds before my approach, everyone staring at me going, “Ooooo Weee… Whats up with that? If the item has been opened then you need send them to the Amazon returns page regarding new media items which clearly states if opened they cannot be returned. Possibly, just possibly, you are out of touch with the reality of what is going on these days with buyers. Update : Is it true you cant return a PC game once opened, I heard this but idk if its true. Wow, that’s a large gap between the value of “new” and “like new”, must be a sports game or a first party game. New Game - Unopened, it can be refunded w/receipt within 30 days of purchase. Fast forward to the day the return arrives, lo and behold, it is opened. GAME Retail Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 652341). As I always do, I accepted the return and noted that as long as it is still sealed and in new condition, it would be refunded. please ensure you have a valid receipt/proof of … ... You can return consumer electronics and computers to Amazon within 30 days of purchase. Depending on where you live, we have made some changes to how you can return an item: In England, Wales and Scotland – Stores remain open and items can still be returned.. ™. I feel bad for the customer because he/she did not realize that Xbox 360 systems were not fully backwards compatible, however, the new price of the game was $25 +/- and the used value is…well $1 +/-. Credit provided by Klarna Bank AB, authorised and regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, with limited supervision by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (FRN: 536065). Find the purchase you would like to refund and click on it. Remember the episode where Ralph’s dad whos an optometrist says, “I fell into my lens grinder and made a spectacle of myself”, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Gamestop returns policy after 30 days then you cannot return it while 30 days of over. So one night my teammates finally asked me, “Ooooo Weee… Whats up with that? New games, once opened, can only be traded in.jt4mtb. I was looking for a Xbox one game with my cousin. returning a video game to argos. Edited by: How Do You Do! . trading as GAME.co.uk - Company Registration No: 7837246 - Company Registered in England Registered Address: Unity House, Telford Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 6YJ. So I am singing in my head on the quick step. With Video Games, Computer Software, DVD Video Movies and forms of digital media the policies are shown within Amazon.com’s customer help section regarding returns. Purrfect. on Feb 14, 2014 1:10 PM, I miss Happy Days on TV. Favorite Answer. I understand the forum is mostly book buyers. Whats up with that!”. It can depend on state law as well i cannot accept a return on an opened game or computer software when sold new. I’d agree, I’d probably fully refund the item. Game Retail Limited. My entire team COULD NOT get the song out of their heads and it COMPLETELY made a mess of their timing. If you bought the game or gaming console new, it absolutely cannot be opened if you want to return it for a refund. With new still sealed digital media we adhere to Amazon.com’s policies as noted. Suspended? Oh My Gosh! As a videogame collector, I don’t want to see anyone suspended for not refunding a buyer. We adhere to Amazon.com’s returns policy for merchandise. By clicking close we'll assume you are happy to receive cookies from the game.co.uk website. Yes, more of a buyer and new to forums. You can return your games or product within 30 days of purchase from the date of shipping. Well, I would do so . can you have either a replacement or refund? WAS SO FUNNY. but your store seems to be . Once a video game, DVD, or CD had been opened it can only be exchanged for the exact same title. In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – Stores remain open and items can still be returned, in-line with our returns policy. The game itself isn't open and as long as everything is in the box then its technically in its original condition so you should have the 28 days you have to return any product you no longer want Only problem maybe if there was a DLC code in the outer box that you opened if there was, even they you haven't opened the game, Game wouldn't be able to tell if you have used it or not Few weeks later, my timings off again… So I am doing my pause thing. A gift is to be treasured as a testament of friendship. There is always a solution. After returning the consonle to the online retailer, I took my receipt for the Best Buy game purchase to Best Buy in Cumming GA with the full intent to buy an Xbox system and three additional controllers. If the item had been opened or used they’ll take it back within 30 days. Without receipt, unopened goes back to store credit (must show ID). Purchases made in store can be returned to any of our stores but cannot be returned to GAME via post. Once the item is received at our fulfillment center, it takes 2 business days for the refund to be processed and 3-5 business days for the refund amount to show up in your account. The game is obviously now opened … Can you return Mac OS X to best buy if you opened it? In Northern Ireland - From Friday 27 November, you can return items to an Argos store within a Sainsbury’s supermarket whilst picking up essential food shopping. If you bought a bundle of games, including games with extra content, all games and content have to be returned together. What you do really depends on how you want to handle the possibility of a claim or negative feedback. on vacation? In England – From Thursday 5 November to Wednesday 2 December, you can return items to an Argos store within a Sainsbury’s supermarket. Kaput because they remembered it LOL. I saw a thread that looked interesting, and being an optimist thought I could help. From now on I’m buying all my crap from bburniske2, where I know I can just send it back in whatever crummy condition and get a no-questions-asked full refund. wheneer i see trolls who say they open new games and return … Personally, I’ve had new items returned opened and gave full refund. Terms and conditions apply. For Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can I return an opened game if I don't play it to Gamestop?" Whenever game sells a game, they always put the anti tamper sticker which needs to be removed before the box can be opened. It depends on the store you purchased the game from. Boy, I wish buyer could understand the “like new” conditon. I've never installed it so can it be refunded < > I will certainly trade positive feedbacks for a couple months’ use of the products of my choice. deleted567962 16. They can also file a claim and ask Amazon to review the return policy, which they will more than likely will lose… but if they do either, it will hurt your metrics and your standing with Amazon. If it’s opened, your only option is an identical exchange within 30 days of your purchase. Shipping again is not recoverable as those expenses cannot be recovered from the Postal Service. Argos stores and our Forestside store cannot accept returns. Whats up with that!”. I full refund would not be a option in my book. I was the worst bowler on the team, average perhaps 170-180, others were 190’s, a 210 average bowler etc. If you grabbed a physical copy of a Nintendo Switch game, the simple answer is to just return the game unopened. What if I baught a game and it doesnt work on my computer, I wouldnt be able to return it to like gamestop for moneyback? By clicking I accept you signify your consent to the use of these cookies.
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