“I collect amethyst, both in it’s raw and refined forms. Death wish definition is - the conscious or unconscious desire for the death of oneself or of another. It took a more practiced patience to follow now. I’m Having S** With My Boss. Accustomed as he was to Hamlet’s rapid emotional and physical turns, he could usually follow quickly and happily. What is their favourite food? How did they get them? A deer in the headlights. What do they insult people for? Horatio steeled himself against it. I like my brother’s daughter from last many years. I've got a death wish. Earlier this week, a 30-year-old patient with COVID-19 passed away on a ventilator. Are they sentimental? Why can't they give me one thing I wish for = death? (purely aesthetic appreciation of looks), FRIENDSHIP LEVEL: (how close a friend they consider them), SEXUAL DESIRE: (wanting to have sex with them), ROMANTIC INTENT: (hoping for a romantic relationship), Non-existent Very low A little Hopeful High Maximum, “She’s terribly pretty, but frankly I don’t really know her well enough to make a judge on much. Make money, have fun, be everything to all people, except those who really should mean the most to me. Or only when forced? Did they keep any of their childhood friends into adulthood? Do they drink? Are they patient? Arrogance wept An effigy of the abuse Sense unkept Strike the match, light the fuse Cutt of your nose in spite it's proof The decline that unfolds it suits you Are they a fast or slow reader? What level of higher education did they reach? Just a little, I’m a weak man.”, LOUD SHRUGGING, “Not that I think she’s interested in me, but I’d love to get to know her some.”, “I don’t really know her, I’d like to but… yeah.”, “Again I… don’t really know her, but those I care about care about her so I guess by proxy?”, Originally posted by justalittletumblweed, “Second verse same as the first, still don’t know her well. What are they like when they do lose their temper? 21. What is their favourite season? Constant of all was his jaw, which clenched around whichever words he had decided deserved caging. What’s their full name? Can they sing? Indeed, with each word of reply, his hold tightened. Or faces? He braced himself on the throne’s arms. Or prefer emails/messaging? I tried to get girlfriend and friends since I was 15 and now I'm 20. How to use death wish in a sentence. Are they funny themselves? To Horatio, that was the indication of utmost uncertainty. I just want to die and I know what I'm doing. Both the shirt and suit jacket were unbuttoned fully to expose his jutting ribs and hipbones. She was in no hurry, she had no reason to rush, she simply wandered. Do they like to take photos? He was the greyhound poised at the start, though nearing the middle of his praise at that point. Are they religious? ”Dost thou hear?”. Death Wish V: The Face of Death Paul Kersey . If not just slightly intimidating, but to be fair I find… everyone to be rather intimidating.”, “I’ve seen Nesrin in passing, and I’ll be honest I stared. All of these flatteries would have been but noise in another’s voice. Adapt the template we’ve named – ‘My Death Wish List’ to your specific needs. Lacey? Do they tease them? What’s their hair like? Here's my confession (I've got a death wish) 13thDoctor. Do they like poetry? a rare veracity. What are they like hungover? Listen to the story of two women who talk about their affairs in episodes of our Recovery Room podcast:. His goal is to one day establish a place for thieves and runaways, a place where Coeurl Claw Poachers can’t snatch you up and string you out. His teeth shone, stark white and sharp, while his eyes pierced just as keenly. 16. It is perfectly normal to wish for changes in your life. What are they like they are sad? His staff feeds on his resentment, his anger, and consumes it. Today is the anniversary of the death of my mother.... she died 3 years ago. That usually is enough to press his temper into flaring up… and when it does? Do they like energy drinks? If there was, Horatio was content never to discover it. I wish I could go back and make the difference when it counts. I'm in the fast lane. How do they introduce themselves? I look forward to graduating with my bachelors in illustration in just 1 1/2 years and both my sons will get to see me achieve a dream I have had and conquered!!! Short term or long term? What in general scares them? Now dear lady if I went about telling you all these very… intimate things about myself I could very well put myself in danger, now couldn’t I? 32. Since I drive cars to their absolute limit as a racer, several people have told me that I have a death wish. 28. Their chests and hips aligned as a sword fits in its scabbard: perfectly, practically, purposefully. “Stand you so on ceremony?” he inquired. Type of weather? We were the only ones who could save the day. Do they enjoy fancy parties and love to chit chat or loathe the whole event? Once finished, he settled his palm over Horatio’s heart. “Something too much of this,” he uttered sadly. Where I have placed my will: My Death Wish List - After Death Guide Organ Donor Foundation/Tissue Bank/Medical School Living Will: Guardianship of Children: Full name: ID number: Arrangements for organ/tissue/body donation have already been made with: Organ/tissue donation / entire body for research: Where I keep my ID Card/ID Book: He kissed Hamlet deeper to memorize a mouth he had watched hurl jokes, insults, and adulations. ], but fuck you I got a death wish, a death wish, bitch I got a death wish Homeboy you gon' die if you fuckin' touch my necklace Ooh, ooh, don't touch my necklace Hum? What do they find funny? What would they sacrifice anything for? I am ashamed of what I did or what I wished for. “You’re right, maybe we shouldn’t fight over this sandwich. “Give me that man that is not passion’s slave,” he said, and laughed giddily, “and I will wear him in my heart’s core, ay, in my heart of heart, as I do…” Hamlet trailed off into silence. A remake was released in 2017, starring Bruce Willis as the lead. For To’zahni or Korekaze. Addicted to excess. What do they think of non religious people? “No, to both. The next three kisses were confessions of divine passion, each given with such strength and reverence that the two men lost all ability to breathe. He mouthed the previous words, not to entreat any remembrance, Horatio knew, but to charm them into existence and to empower them over the timid way he concluded, “As I do. 26. The “death drive” has more to do with resenting life than it does with wanting death. Deathwish Lyrics: Haha, KReam Team / Ayy, bitch / I got a death wish, a death wish, ooh (I got death wish) / Ah, ayy, bitch / But don't slap me, ho / I got a death wish, bitch I'm countin' dough Some should be glad... others should be scared. His was a mouth designed for jests and wits, and his eyes for holding the bright sparks of mischief in their depths, yet they were closed and his face a smooth mask of marble. and 32 more users What sorta shops do they buy clothes from? What do they do when they’re favourite song comes? 4. To a stranger he may have appeared certain, what with the way he eventually settled instantly into stillness. What is their secret ambition? Me: You violently fucked her and your DNA is in her body and if you kill her, the police will quickly track you down and you will be punished accordingly – which in your case is probably your death – by hanging, or stoning, or chop chop square – Shudder! I wish my father would die. My husband and I have been married for 16 years and have two daughters. Physically and mentally? Maybe you need a good anti-depressant. Do they have a good memory? And then he was speaking, filling all of their silence with all the words in his hand, hardly a pause given in mercy to himself. What do they like to sleep on? Hamlet arched his back to better see Horatio’s face as he finished his sentence. Hamlet twisted the material in a white-knuckled fist. 16. What’s their sexuality? Or can they naturally stay awake and alert? I just want to share the love of my family, watch it grow and be blessed!!! 10. 2. If you do not take your death into your own hands, that is not suicide. Sugary food? Their faces could have been mistaken as a mirror and its reflection, as near they were to each other. Hamlet gasped. DROP ME A CHARACTER NAME AND I’LL REVEAL MY MUSE’S HEART, VISUAL ATTRACTIVENESS: In Crossing the Line, Amanda explains the sequence of choices that led her into an affair with her fitness trainer (starts at 17:40 in the podcast). Do they enjoy it? Some dude was running the middle of the road against traffic. What do they do when they find out someone else’s fear? Here's What I've Learned. Are they good in the cold or the heat? His monologue’s speed increased desperately even as his entire body stiffened. The prince, of course, spun them with a rare veracity. Then he moved to his tie, gently at first, before he gave a mighty tug that took Horatio’s breath straight from his lungs. 22. The prince’s tongue darted out to wet his lips. Do they cry regularly? What you do to affect those changes has many paths. In no possible world could he not have felt the mad rush of it, but he made no comment, for which Horatio was grateful. 40. Do they wear makeup? Paul Kersey: Death. How do they act in a formal occasion? Eventually, Horatio tore his gaze away to answer, “If it please you.”. Do they exercise? This movie produced four sequels: Death Wish II (1982), Death Wish 3 (1985), Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987) and Death Wish V: The Face of Death (1994). Is there something they have to take everywhere with them? Do they organise the party or just turn up? Charles Bronson played Paul Kersey in all four sequels. And those motherfuckers just ruin everything. It takes a lot for Reese’a to lose his temper. Did they have lots of friends as a child? 1. Posted Oct 16, 2020 I keep the collection in a box hidden behind one of my many bookshelves.” He seems to be quite proud of this collection, even offering a small smile paired with perked ears at the mere mention of it. How do they act? 50. 41. Go on anon and whisper something into their ear. I stood on my bare feet in the middle of my room. Horatio found his lord in the throne room. What underwear do they wear? What are they like when they do lose their temper? Did they have pets as a child? “Here, sweet lord, at your service,” he said. How do they act when they’re happy? Seeing as Reese’a is being far from cooperative for this I’ll answer for him. Do they enjoy any parties? Hamlet tasted of saltwater. You've got a death wish Blow out the candle You've made your death wish Blow out the candle You've got a death wish Blow out the candle You've made your death wish. Living my best life. What are they like drunk? First His Wife. Did they have lots of friends as a child? 25. I loved her with all my heart, and I wish I could see her.” It’s very hard for me to watch those scenes of Norma’s baptism [from the 1997 film Roe vs. Roe: Baptism by Fire ]. What’s a bad memory? If my mum kicked him out or he just left he'd hardly be able to manage on his own and she would feel so guilty she'd be even more depressed. If they could only take one bag of stuff somewhere with them: what would they pack? 87 guests With his free hand, Hamlet waved the protests out of the air. What talents do they wish they had? 42. The vice grip on his tie did not loosen. Was there a world outside of that room? (collapse), tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, All of these flatteries would have been but noise in another’s voice. 31. 19. I re-read Hamlet again, as one does, followed it with my favorite film adaptation, and finally decided to write something. What do they wear to sleep? Was there existence beyond that moment, or feeling beyond Horatio’s rough hands on Hamlet’s bare skin, the ice and the fire? 12. 44. Horatio’s legs moved him out of habit; the prince was a wild, unbalanced ship bound to wreck, and there was a tacit arrangement that Horatio was to be the anchor. His secret ambition is to hunt down a specific Poacher King, and take out his anger left over from his teenage years. Or get very over protective? Or do they prefer to bitch behind someone’s back? Where do they keep it? Do animals like them? Or do they hide their emotions? Adam and Eve resented being innocent, so they ate from the Tree of Knowledge and damaged their relationship with God, which was the only thing that really mattered. Do they get on well with animals? For if Hamlet thought he would ruin Horatio with his love, he would do everything in his power to prove how it might instead save them both in this rotten state. Do they have any titles? How do they act when other people are drunk or hungover? 30. I am in a unique position here, since I can answer from personal experience! Now my … Idiots with guns make me nervous. Do they get on well with animals? What would they sacrifice anything for? Did they know both parents? He waited to speak until he had met Horatio’s eyes. 14. 11. If you just wish for death, and do nothing to bring it about, that cannot be considered suicide. 5. 6. Gods why was it so quiet? My father is a black cloud over our lives, emotionally abusive, mentally ill. He mouthed the previous words, not to entreat any remembrance, Horatio knew, but to charm them into existence and to empower them over the timid way he concluded, “As I do Do children like them? But perhaps we set the bar a little too high. Despite the expected revelry the players would bring him, Hamlet looked exceeding pale, with bloody veins patterned in his eyes. Horatio stood very, very still. What’s their favourite genre of: books, music, tv shows, films, video games and anything else Null wandered. When I was a kid, my brother and I used to pretend we were heroes, with swords. Do they have any special diet requirements? Enjoy! Slowly, and with the smallest maneuvering of his body he could manage, he stood. 13. A soft or hard mattress? It’s a relic of ancient times, and sealed with a creature that constantly seeks to take his form over. What do they do with it? As he walked toward him, however, he saw nothing of the sort, for a gentle melancholy seemed to have concealed the prince’s affected madness that morning. Why was that chosen? The words dragged beneath sighs. Does their first impression reflect them accurately? 29. What is their biggest fear? Hamlet continued, stronger upon the heel of a deep breath,  “Thou art as e’en a man as e’er my conversation coped withal.”. I've also added my own dialogue. Hamlet’s chest rose and fell with piteous efforts. My secret ambition? ♡. And that same pain spread, a plague, until Horatio stood before Hamlet with a heavy heart and half a mind to collapse at his feet. What is their relationship with their parents? What is their least favourite food? What I’d sacrifice anything for? I don't want my father to die, but I think that would be the easiest way out for everyone. Fictional or non fiction? But I was too obsessed with 'my life' and how I thought I was supposed to live it. Taechit Taechamanodom via Getty Images "Instead of guilt-ridden regretful thoughts ― 'I wish I knew what he would’ve wanted' ― we all have the power to know our family’s wishes now." In a dream perhaps he would have stayed, and he counted the missed opportunities in the many breaths he took before he was able to release Hamlet. ! Horatio could not, however, have sworn any likeness in their expressions. Depression is normal. He was the greyhound poised at the start, though nearing the middle of his praise at that point. Is it similar to how they see themselves? To that time I was 14 years old and a little spoiled brat. Do they have a temper? Jumping into a crouch on the throne, Hamlet intoned some bastard sound between a laugh and scoff. I've got a cure for your dandruff problem. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. 8. And right now, my dream, my goal, my wish, my desire is to focus my writing and physical, mental, and spiritual energy on that book, so I can’t promise that I’ll be back on here with a regular blogging schedule. He caught Hamlet in his arms, Hamlet’s hands wrapped firmly around his waist and Horatio’s clutching Hamlet’s suit jacket tight enough to wrinkle it irreparably. There was a thrill running through Horatio like lightning, bright and boiling in his blood. Have any allergies? 38. 46. Here’s My Confession; I’ve Got A Death Wish M | Keeper of the Moon | 36"From this point on I'm going to treat others how they treat me. Various inspirations should be accredited to this post: https://hot-hot-hotspur.tumblr.com/post/132664795638/little-hamlet-things-i-want. I can’t walk two feet without a coeurl pup latching itself to my leg…” He sneers a little bit, “Perhaps they know what I’ve done in the past.” He shrugs, “Perhaps animals have some otherworldly sense that I myself am not capable of understanding.” Reese’a quietly comments, dodging the question of whether he likes animals (He does). What is their sleeping pattern like? 300 Publications. I was on top right. What do they act like pre-work out and post-work out? This is a better way to understand it. What weather do they complain in the most? This document gives you the opportunity to list your responsibilities, in order to communicate your needs to those who are most likely to take care of the arrangements in the event of your death… Does it mean anything? No, I don’t think I’ll be sharing this information with you.” He scoffs, flicking his ears back as his arms shift to cross over his chest. Hand had brushed for just a moment, and Reese takes a moment to compose himself swallowing the lump in his throat as he pulls back and pushes the plate towards Raih. What is their relationship with them? Confession #202. Feeling the weight of his heart in his chest and the heat that accompanied such proximity, he considered that it already had left its indelible mark. How do they act when they’re scared? 9. The title comes from the Unlikely Candidates' song "Oh My Dear Lord" since line 38 of the Folger Edition (1992) is Horatio's line, "O, my dear lord--" (3.2) and the comparison between Shakespeare's text and many of the lyrics is difficult to avoid. Music in general? I scratched furiously up and down my arms, irritated that my father had forced me to wear gloves even if … Comments and kudos are always appreciated. Sipping the limelight. Comfy granny panties? Notes: I re-read Hamlet again, as one does, followed it with my favorite film adaptation, and finally decided to write something. Do your worst. What is their secret ambition? You need a bath. Do they like animals? Did they enjoy it? What do they do with it? Inside he was burning, and outside he allowed only the flicker of a flame, warm enough to smile at Hamlet. Here's my confession. Has their relationship changed since they were kids to adults? Horatio realized belatedly that he was weeping. His lips part as lilacs flick up to meet Raih’s gaze at his words, long tufted ears twitching to cause the charms on them to chime quietly. He’d sacrifice anything to keep the rod he wields out of hands of others. He thought this closeness could scar him as terribly as any storm. Work Search: If so what kind? .”. What do they like to take photos of? Without looking, he exclaimed, “What ho, Horatio!” Lolling his head to the side, he finally opened his eyes, and stared intently through long lashes at Horatio as he approached. “A gentleman does not have a temper! I have been in that position before, and it is not pleasant. And Horatio instantly stopped, concern on his tongue, only to have it swallowed back down by his lord. Taglines . In a 15-year career spanning four continents, these are the lessons that stuck. Kind or teasing? “For some reason animals like being around me. It's Time To Even The Score! His chest heaved as he gazed at Horatio. Shakespeare's lines obviously belong to him. For his part, Horatio was shattered. 27. Insecurity disguised itself as skepticism in Horatio’s halting reply. Gives me something to write about them OOCly. 37. Do they have or want any children? What are their goals? 39. Where do they keep it? Summary: Horatio found his lord in the throne room. !. I felt terrible but I’ve never told anyone it was me. Here’s My Confession; I’ve Got A Death Wish, ♥ i love her but heck if reese doesn't know what to make of her. Horatio drifted into it slowly, dazedly, but once he was under, there was little he could imagine craving more. Bronson's loose! I took my gloves off and threw them in some dark corner in my closet. One hand lingered, curled, and pulled at Horatio’s collar. How do other people see them? The quick motion sent him flailing. 17. Which did they hate? What is their most valued object? Do they cry openly or hide it? It was the grief of an event that had not yet passed, the deafening war-drum beat of a heart in the midst of breaking. Selfies? Somehow my best friend got the blame for it because she went to the toilet in the timeframe it happened, and I guess I was ruled out because I was such a good student. It’s nothing romantic whatsoever, and in fact we’ve always done it in the back storeroom, never in a bed. 21. He plucked absently at the open lapels of his shirt. What do they think of black tie wear? 7. What do they consider their essentials? It was as gentle and new as Spring, and Horatio never wanted it to end. "Icon by Nnamier, Header by Yukinn, Sidebar by Larhaya What are their favourite insults to use? Do they have a good sense of humour? Do they collect anything? 48. He wouldn’t wish the pain of its mental prodding on anyone. Horatio would love Hamlet in every and any manner the prince could manage. Do they like musicals? I dream to learn to surf and conquer my fears of being knocked down by a wave! Hamlet smiled with only one side of his mouth. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. Or as a godparent/babysitter/ect? What were they like at school? What’s their least favourite genres? Coffee? Though I do quite fancy folk, it’d do both her and myself injustice if I didn’t attempt to try and get to know her far more before deciding on anything beyond the hopes of friendship.”, “Well, she seems nice enough doesn’t she? I’ve more than schooled myself to keep quite level headed!”. Now His Daughter. What if they didn’t want to go but were dragged along by a friend? What’s their names? People don’t stay around me very long.”. Do they like children? What would they be like as a parent? Death Wish (2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Their chests and hips aligned as a sword fits in its scabbard: perfectly, practically, purposefully. Boxers or briefs? Are they good at cooking? A little bit, yep. 9. :(detonates bomb) Sometimes the law doesn't work. thee He looked at the floor, at their feet. 18. Vegan? 49. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Got a death wish, death wish, ooh Ayy, bitch But don't slap me, hoe I got a death wish, bitch I'm countin' dough She all up on my dick That's what she want me for Then she want some [? The prince closed his eyes, trailed his thumb over his reddened lips, then inspected his hand with a frown. “Give me that man that is not passion’s slave,” he said, and laughed giddily, “and I will wear him in my heart’s core, ay, in my heart of heart, as I do…” Hamlet trailed off into silence. There had been an unkindness about him the last few days, Horatio knew it all too well. What is their body type? ; In A Couple's Affair Healing Story, Lori and Tim talk about her affair and their efforts toward healing from it. What do they think of religion? Denmark vanished. What makes them sad? What are their goals? How tall are they? What subjects did they enjoy? Dance? 45. Please consider turning it on! What’s their guilty pleasure? However, it does not seem good to me that you would wish to die. 3. Kalamos, espepspes, Flitx, LetheMedeaTranquility, Ikol1312, lovecatslovewamen, DidiNyx, szra_mix, allonsy_jo, de_sdemoma, Cleothare, headlesshorsepossum, squireofgeekdom, kaijugf, Lavosse, the_secret_wordsmith, elrohir, rrrNightingale, nahshise, oopsabird, MediocreSavant, ThirteenthMouse6572, Skotophobia, leechdealer69, buh_bilove04, agapes, Ivyette, kennydied, MissAntlers, ashkore_varg, RavenAurelieChoiseau and dykeannebonny What do they think of religious people? These are all very sensitive things that could see me hung from the rafters. Regularly? 43. Attorney Powell has taken on the Deep State like none other, and is doing all of this on her own—not being paid by the president or his campaign—yet clearly knows more than any of the president’s own attorneys about what actually took place with the international ‘switching’ of votes to elect Biden. Do they collect anything? Maybe we could get to know each other more… but like… who has the time to get to know people?”. Where he knew his brows were furrowed and his lips parted, yet every other feature otherwise motionless, he also knew and could see the velocity at which Hamlet’s eyes and mouth moved.
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