Just over two weeks ago, on August 12, Popeyes—the iconic fast-food chain known for its savory take on Southern cuisine—debuted its own version of a fried-chicken sandwich. Popeyes easily beats Chick-fil-A in all aspects, and their sandwich is in no way overrated. Sadly very few … KFC wins here IMO - KFC spices and aioli are much tastier. When the Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich was released this summer, it was a social phenomenon — or, at the very least, a social media phenomenon. The chain came right out the gate swinging at Chick-fil-A, with an ad campaign that posited their poultry burger as the one with true soul. This year’s most overrated food frenzy is now the subject of an ugly Christmas sweater. The thing about the Popeyes sandwich is that it seems to brush awfully close to what Chick-fil-A offers — a simple fried chicken sandwich with pickles and … The amount of hype around their sandwiches are obscene. On the spicy side - I prefer the Popeyes I think. The Popeyes chicken sandwich, made with their signature crispy fried chicken … I went over to my local Popeyes to see how the sandwich held up. Fast-food chain Popeyes released a new chicken sandwich in August that quickly sold out due to overwhelming popularity. Tried KFC and Popeyes back to back in regular (non-spicy) form on the weekend. August saw several over-the-top headlines like “The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is Here to Save America,” and “The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Is a Masterpiece,” after the sandwich launched to viral fanfare on Aug. 12. The chicken patty was crispy and juicy as fuck. by Justin Mattioli Posted on December 27, 2019 December 16, 2019 Granted, I ordered it plain, because mayo is disgusting 🤢, and the pickles always overpower every … Recently the restaurant announced that after a long dry season, they would finally be bringing back the popular chicken sandwich that incited a viral trend. Frankly, it's on my second tier list of chicken sandwiches due to the fact that although it wasn't bad, unlike kfc, I didn't want a second one … Randy Estrada holds up his chicken sandwich at a Popeyes n Kyle, Texas. It’s the line for the Popeye’s chicken sandwich.” Photo courtesy of @lsglsg703 on Twitter A version of this article was published in August but has been updated to include new details. At $4.25, it is a decent lunch. The sandwich can't even come close to chick-fil-a's, IMO. Popeye's chicken sandwich is seriously overrated. re: Popeye’s chicken is overrated. Some people are losing their minds over the newest offering from Popeyes. The bun was sweet, but the mayo sauce lacked a punch. According to the Sandton Times — a news outlet that reported on the opening of the first Popeyes location in South Africa — the chain was named after the Gene Hackman's fictional detective … Popeyes is throwing their hat in the fried chicken sandwich ring and consequently dunking on every other fast food fried chicken purveyor out there. It comes more down to what side i want to. Yes, Popeyes has a new chicken sandwich that costs $4 nationwide and has been selling out. With one new item on their menu, Popeye's has cemented itself as a major player in fast food and dealt a major blow to the evil empire of Chik-Fil-A. Why did Popeyes Chicken sandwich go viral? The huge pickles complemented the chicken patty as well as the spicy mayo sauce. A chicken sandwich is seen at a Popeyes, Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019, in Kyle, Texas. They have a loyal fan following nonetheless, including the late Anthony Bourdain, who is said to have once eaten at a Popeyes buffet for three days in a row. The Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich comes hot and fresh, and with a polite “have a nice day” from the friendly employees. The chicken was crispy, yet kind of tasteless and greasy (typical of popeyes). It’s like Tim Horton’s coffee (which is also overrated). Yes, it's a very good sandwich that's crispy, hot, and salty, hitting all the right notes. Next I have to try the Mary's sandwich. I would 100% go back. For the longest time, Popeyes only sold chicken pieces and tenders, with no sandwiches on their menu. Appetite for Popeyes chicken sandwich hits new level with gunpoint demand ... All the buzz has started to wane over the last week with a flurry of stories declaring the Popeyes sandwich overrated. I’m basing this entirely on the fact that the Chik-Fil-A chicken sandwich is absolutely, without a doubt, mediocre. "It's everything I've ever wanted in a chicken sandwich! The Popeyes’ sandwich isn’t bad—it is simply overrated and not worth the enormous hype. Posted by wadewilson on 9/2/19 at 9:19 am to parrothead I prefer KFC to Popeye's for bone in fried chicken, but I prefer tenders, and Canes is King. Top Stories. "Am tell my kids that popeyes chicken sandwich is overrated," one adversary clapped back. Good. State 48’s sandwich is built on big honkin’ chicken breast with a high-caliber cronch and a deep, dry chile burn and thick, pillowy brioche. The Popeyes chicken sandwich craze has been a widespread phenomenon that has imprinted its occurrence in the social media era history books. Guilty Eats 1 year McDonald's: Do a good … People are literally dying and killing for these sandwiches.None of us wants to miss out on the latest sensation in mass … Both awesome sandwiches though - so happy they are both available. All of that over a chicken sandwich. Share with us if you think the one at Popeyes is overrated or not appreciated enough? Popeyes’ foremost sandwich rival is Chick-fil-A, the 10-ton gorilla of the chicken-sandwich game. After Popeyes, which spicy chicken sandwich is your favorite? Popeyes’ chicken sandwich went viral this fall thanks to a combination of luck and taste, according to the boss of the fried-chicken chain’s parent company.. Is the Popeyes Chicken … (AP Photo/Eric Gay) By Linda Zavoral ... (with mayo and pickles) might be a bit “overrated… NBC News. Not only that, but the service at Chick-fil-A and quality of food exceed those of Popeyes. I tried it once, the breading was overpowering, and the chicken was in places just... subpar. The Popeyes chicken sandwich is large and tilts the scale at around 480 calories. The name "Popeye" might conjure up images of spinach and the Sailor Man, but that's not who the chain was named after at all. The hype began innocently enough on Aug. 2 when Popeyes posted on Instagram a photo of its new sandwich — fried chicken breast, brioche bun, mayo — with the words: So. Also really wish people would stop bringing up all this donation stuff every time chick fil a is even mentioned. When I opened my sandwich bag, it was one huge rock of a chicken patty barely able to fit inbetween two buns. FOMO has taken over. ‘We got really fortunate’: Popeyes’ chicken sandwich went viral thanks to a mix of luck and taste, CEO says. At Chick-fil-A, the food is made fresh and instant. Popeyes' chicken sandwich convinced me never to go back to Chick-fil-A. LGAcast 040 – Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich is Overrated and The Outer Worlds Put Justin to Sleep!? Chick-fil-A’s was also salty, which made their sandwich hard to enjoy by having to drink water every other bite. And it's far better than Chik-Fail-A's!" On Aug. 12, Popeyes premiered its version of the chicken sandwich, igniting a viral debate on social media over who has the best chicken sandwich: Popeyes or Chick-Fil-A. The debate seemed to be over when Popeyes announced it had sold out of their sandwiches due to high demand on Aug. 28. Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Chick Fil-A-‘s Chicken Sandwich Re: The popeyes spicy chicken sandwich is not overrated at all Mmm, nothing like some gmo tortured chicken tossed in hyrdrogenated oil breading, msg and artificial colors, flavors, preservatives with … The sandwich is completely sold out in the U.S. now, and Popeyes has not announced any plans to bring it to … People wait in line in Cheektowaga for a *short* 30 minutes for a sandwich. Popeyes sandwich is better by itself, chick-fil-a is pretty good with some mayo on it. Forgot. A man was killed after cutting in line in Maryland just to get one of the sandwiches.
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