Effects of various storage methods on the quality and nutritional composition of sweet potato (Ipomea batatas L.) in Yola Nigeria. Even after they have been cured and shipped off to grocery stores and farmers' markets, sweet potatoes still need to be stored in a place that's not too cold or too warm. Prevent this damage happening by crop rotation. Planting sweet potatoes in a different area of the garden each year will reduce disease. Sweet potatoes will keep 3-5 months under most circumstances and there are so many uses for them: casseroles, pies, mashed, french fries, baked, fried, boiled, breakfast casseroles, soups,…oh my the list goes on and on. Trust me, it’s worth the little extra effort. Temperate Areas: Plant slips after last frosts in a sheltered position. But keep in mind that they have a shorter lifespan than regular potatoes. (2011). Sweet Potatoes Australia are the largest sweet potato provider in Australia. You can have homegrown tubers for months past the growing season if you know how to store them. It should also be situated at least 0.35 metres (1.1 ft) above the water table during dry season and must remain above during wet/rainy season and be approximately 0.5 metres (1.6 ft) below the surface. I tried storing potatoes in a buried garbage can, which should have worked but did not. Mutandwa E, and Gadzirayi CT. 2007. Tubers are often found 12 inches or more from the plant's primary crown, so dig carefully. Due to lack of proper equipment, maintaining adequate temperature conditions are the largest hurdle that farmers in a developing nation will have to face. 3. [3] It is a measure that prevents against excessive moisture loss, entry of microorganisms into the plant and even facilitates healing of mechanically damaged tubers. [1][2] However, it is a highly perishable food source that is susceptible to destruction by microorganisms, metabolic spoilage, physical destruction and pests. These are responsible for 78% of sweet potato infections in Bangladesh. These are responsible for 78% of sweet potato infections in Bangladesh. Sweetpotato in Africa : Research priorities to stimulate increased marketing. Sweet potatoes have less disease problems. Now all you need to do is preserve and store them in order to be able to get the most from that crop. You can absolutely cut sweet potatoes a day or two in advance, but make sure to store them in cold water in the refrigerator. There are so many varieties available to the Australian home gardener. Purple sweet potatoes will last between one to two weeks when stored in a cool, dry place — one that's warmer than the fridge temperature and cooler than room temperature. For more information on food safety and storage, visit the Food Safety Information Council’s website. Increasing the contribution of sweetpotato to sustainable rural livelihoods in Tanzania. Outlook on Agriculture. 33(1):83-91. Stack the wrapped sweet potatoes in a cardboard or wooden box of your choosing (or one that allows aeration), without a lid, and place it in a basement or other room where the temperature is as close to 55-60 degrees as possible, for 6 weeks. An insulated garage or shed might also work during the winter. Wash and peel the sweet potatoes. The best way to store sweet potatoes is to select an area that is dry and cool. Just remember to never wash your storing potatoes—as that will drastically shorten their storage life. Storing Potatoes. Planting and Harvesting Calendar Lay out the tubers carefully and let them dry for 10 days to 2 weeks in a warm location with high humidity. ;[1][3][8][13] 30–32 °C (86–90 °F) and 80–95% RH for 4–10 days has been found to be adequate curing conditions [3] A common method to cure without use of incubation equipment is to wrap tubers in black polythene sheets and leave out in the sun for 5 days. Acta Horticulturae 368: 441-452, Onwueme, I.C. Sweet potatoes will keep 3-5 months under most circumstances and there are so many uses for them: casseroles, pies, mashed, french fries, baked, fried, boiled, breakfast casseroles, soups,…oh my the list goes on and on. Harvested sweet potatoes can last between one to four weeks, depending on how and where you store them. Most importantly, don’t be afraid of storing your crop. [3] To minimize losses due to respiration a ventilation shaft can be added. Refrigeration changes the structure of the cell walls of sweet potatoes, making them harder to break down. Tubers that have been mechanically damaged, infected with pests or pathogens, or are rotten or sprouting should not be kept. Sweet potatoes are available all year from Western Australian growers and a large volume of produce is also imported from Queensland. Large edible roots called tubers form underground. [3], Curing is a technique done to toughen up the outer layer of skin (periderm). This could include in the living area or in a granary built specifically to store produce. [3] This is an effective technique for maintaining proper ventilation though depending on the type of building maintaining proper storage temperature and RH may be difficult. Store sweet potatoes loose (not in a plastic bag) in a cool dark well-ventilated place; avoid keeping sweet potatoes in the refrigerator. Avoid those with holes or cuts that penetrate the skin. [4] This is mainly due to their high moisture content, metabolic activity following harvesting and thin, permeable skin. 18K likes. You may store purple sweet potatoes the same way you store regular potatoes: in a cool, dry place. Place your sweet potatoes into an airtight container within 1 hour of cooking them. [3] Curing can toughen the skin and heal minor physical damages while drying can reduce spoilage and inactivate metabolic degradation. The piles may be made at ground level or in shallow or deep trenches. Sweet potatoes, what a crack up of the crop productive, that taste delicious and once established pretty hardy now what's the best way to propagate them. 1993. In: Roots, tubers, plantains and bananas in animal feeding. Australian distribution: sweet potato is grown in the NT, tropical Queensland and northern New South Wales. Paper presented at the third triennial conference of the African Potato Association, 9–13 May 1994, Sousse, Tunisia, Dandago MA, and Gungula DT. Now, take single sheets of newspaper and roll up each tuber separately. I'm not really looking for a puree, anyways. Not only are sweet potatoes full of goodness, they’re also incredibly versatile and delicious. Watermelon, however, prefers to be alone, it's highly sensitive to ethylene and will deteriorate much faster in company. It has trailing or twining stems up to 4m long. Refrigeration changes the structure of the cell walls of sweet potatoes, making them harder to break down. Play. [3] On the other end of the scale, temperatures above 16 °C (61 °F) will cause a rise in the rates of respiration and sprouting in tubers as well as increased activity by microorganisms. [3] Soil is used to seal the roof of the pit and as filler. The skin can be left on (scrub well) or peeled. Sweet potatoes may be harvested and stored in building. Use a premium potting mix designed for vegetables, and add about 30% compost. One Pot Potatoes. Str… How to Store and Cure Sweet Potatoes. Respiration causes the production of CO2, which will act to increase the rate of spoilage. Store them at a low and constant temperature. Store-bought sweet potatoes work perfectly well and growing them is simple. The tropical tuber crops: Yams, cassava, sweetpotato, and cocoyams. So you had a great crop of potatoes. [3][7] These are commonly supported above ground by a system of legs to keep the crop dry and away from animals, rodents and pests. However, … Sweet potatoes do well in both sandy and loamy soils with a pH of 5.2-6.7. English Language Book Society and John Wiley and Sons. For best results, dig your garden bed to spade depth well before planting, and add in mulch, blood and bone, and blend well into soil. Are the sweet potatoes in the microwave bag prewashed? As a result, refrigerated sweet potatoes can remain hard in the middle and take longer to cook. Now, take single sheets of newspaper and roll up each tuber separately. 'NEW' POTATOES: These potatoes are 'baby' freshly harvested potatoes that have a white skin and white, firm flesh and are small and sweet. [3] The O2 in the storage environment should not fall below 7% and CO2 must not exceed 10%. Garlicky and potatoey and oh so delicious and simple! 6 / 10. Cure in a warm, airy place for two weeks before storing at cool room temperatures. [3][7], Typically sweet potatoes are stored and eaten fresh. Paper presented at the International Workshop on Methods for Agricultural Marketing Research, 16–20 March 1993, IARI Campus, New Delhi, India, Bashaasha, B., Mwanga, R.O.M., and Ocitti p’Obwoya, C.N. [3] Lime may have some effectiveness in absorbing CO2 and removing it form the environment. Successful Storage. You may store purple sweet potatoes the same way you store regular potatoes: in a cool, dry place. The area should be frost-free for at least five months with warm days and nights. [3][7] Maintaining proper storage temperature is probably the most significant barrier to good storage in subsistence farmers. 29(4):275-282, Ndamage, G. 1988. Importantly, do not store your sweet potatoes near certain other vegetables as the sweet potatoes can cause the others to ripen more quickly than preferred. The ideal conditions for stored potatoes mimic conditions underground – temperatures from 45 to 55°F (7 to 13°C), with high humidity and some circulation of air. Member $7.95 Non-Member $9.95. Cool to Cold Areas:Plant slips 4 weeks after the last frost in warm, sunny sheltered position. 7 Ways to Use up Those Tasty Spuds [3] Baskets and boxes have been shown to be more effective at minimizing mechanical damage. Harvest when the tops turn yellow or before the plants are damaged by frost, as this can make them vulnerable to rot. Bananas, pineapples, mangoes, melons, lychees, pomegranates, coconuts, mangosteen, guava and papaya prefer the fruit bowl. [5][6] While less common, simple methods of storage do exist. [3] Drying removes moisture, reduces bacterial growth, and inactivates metabolic processes and enzymatic decomposition. Storing Potatoes. 07 May 09, Barb (Australia - sub-tropical climate) Hi Claudie in Australia cool/mountain, I assume you have already planted by now. Hi: I just tried making mashed sweet potatoes for the first time. [3] Damage to tubers by physical means can be minimized careful handling and storing in boxes and cartons instead of cloth sacks. Natural transpiration causes water loss and results in an unappealing pithy texture. What you need to know about slips. The too-cold temperature turns the potato starch into sugar. [8] This is not a long-term option and the plants will degrade after a short period of time. This is why most of the sweet potatoes grown in Australia are grown in Queensland but home gardeners shouldn’t have any trouble growing sweet potatoes as far south as Melbourne, just be wary in winter. 1994. To store fresh, whole sweet potatoes, start by curing the potatoes for 1 to 2 weeks by keeping them in a room with a temperature between 75 to 80 degrees F. Then, toss out any potatoes that appear to be bruised, rotting, or moldy. Sweet potatoes are susceptible to a number of fungi, bacteria and viruses. [3], Pits can be reused but they should be cleaned, the soil turned over and disinfected with fire or sulphur to rid the area of any microorganisms. To store potatoes, first place them in an open bag, basket, or other ventilated container since closed containers make potatoes spoil faster. Sweet potatoes may seem like a relative of the common white potato, but they’re actually related to morning glories.Unlike other potatoes, sweet potatoes are grown from small seedlings, known as slips.You can order sweet potato plant starts from seed catalogs, but it’s very simple, and much less expensive, to sprout your own. How about you? If you don’t have a lid for your container, cover it tightly with plastic wrap. Never store potatoes in the fridge. [3] Under these optimum conditions sweet potatoes have been shown to keep for 5 months up to a max of about a year. [3] This involves slicing tubers to a thickness of approximately 2–4 mm and then laying them out in the sun for four days or until they are rid of most of their moisture. We currently export to countries all over the world. [3] At these conditions sweet potatoes have been shown to last 5 months to a maximum of a year compared to 2–3 months normally.[3]. [4] This is a major barrier for the optimal use of the crop and causes a lot of waste. The pest of greatest concern for farmers is the sweet potato weevil (Cylas spp.). You can use slips grown from store bought sweet potatoes, or seedlings. Sweet potato is a perennial herb cultivated as an annual, meaning it can last a long time but is normally farmed for less than a year. African Studies Quarterly 9, no. Curing will further toughen up their skin and it will help heal any small cuts and bruises. Most importantly, don’t be afraid of storing your crop. [3][12] However, there are some simple methods used to increase their storability that can be used in conjunction with other storage methods. Make sure the container is covered with newspaper or cardboard so no light can penetrate. Cutting sweet potatoes in advance is a great way to meal-prep your way to an easier weeknight dinner. [1][2] Due to its relatively short growing period, tolerance to drought and high yield from poor soils, it is used as a famine reserve for many of these households. [1][3][8][13] Curing is done by exposing the whole potatoes to a moderately high temperature for several days immediately following harvest. Sauté, barbecue, fry or microwave. Growing sweet potato vines is much easier than growing other potatoes. In Australia, there are four types of sweet potatoes: Gold, red, purple, and white. [3] The clamps may be covered by a roof or kept in a building for added protection. Sweet potato storage requires careful curing to prevent mildew and trigger the formation of sugar-producing enzymes. [3][8] This includes injury by way of cuts, bruising, and skinning. [3], Physiological processes within the plant can contribute highly to spoilage. [3] The black sheet keeps moisture in and collects heat to reach necessary conditions for curing. Storage studies on sweet potato roots : Experiences with KSP20 cultivar. Sweet potato is one of the most useful food plants in a warm climate: Sweet potatoes are the perfect substitute for normal potatoes. [3] Sweet potatoes can convert approximately 57dm3 of oxygen/ton/day to carbon dioxide and need ventilation to compensate for this. Thin skin with sweet white flesh, this all purpose potato is from Florida in the USA and is popular for it's early harvest and reliable yields. Sweet potatoes are the tuberous roots of a beautiful creeping vine. Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Many poor farmers do not have access to refrigeration or even electricity so must rely on other storage methods. So you had a great crop of potatoes. Lay your potatoes on a bed of newspaper in a cool, dark place. You can also put them into the fridge while they’re still hot, though, if you want store them immediately after cooking. and Hagenimana, V. (1995). Store sweet potatoes loose (not in a plastic bag) in a cool dark well-ventilated place; avoid keeping sweet potatoes in the refrigerator. International Food Research Journal 18:271-278, Hall AJ and Devereau D. (2000). Warm Areas (Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia): all year round. [3] Results are fairly poor with this technique and estimated storage time is 2–3 months.[3]. A close relative of morning glory, these nutritious veggies thrive in the tropics. Specialized Refrigeration. Those areas that come to mind for storing sweet potatoes in the home include a garage, basement or cellar. When your sweet potatoes are cooked, cooled and bagged, store them in the back of the freezer where they will stay fresh for up to a full year. Harvested sweet potatoes store well for one to two months under ambient temperatures but need special treatment for longer storage. Boil the sweet potatoes for 15 to 20 minutes. Granaries or other storage buildings typically consist of a round hut with walls made of straw, mud, clay and wood and a conical straw roof. Varieties include: Beauregard, Bellevue, and Orleans. But no worries– you can recondition your potatoes by taking them out of storage about a week before you … Well, this is true about is give me an example. These well-known tubers are easy to grow at home. Potatoes are very susceptible to frost, and conversely do not like overly warm temperatures either! Sprouting will also occur during long term storage, which is useful for planting but will utilize nutrients in the tuber. Chop potatoes into small cubes. [3], Losses are still fairly high for this technique, though it has been shown in some instances to keep roots for 2–4 months. [12] Before usage, grass should be flamed in order to destroy any pests that may be hiding within. Planting sweet potatoes in a different area of the garden each year will reduce disease. The other, sweet potato weevil, is much more of a problem, particularly in tropical Australia.
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