Open the pocket in some pitta breads, stuff with shwarma, salad, onions and top with … Some posts may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and actually decide to buy it, I’ll receive a small percentage of the total price - of course this does not cause any extra costs for you. Quick & Easy Vegan Mayonnaise (with Sweet Chilli option). Season with salt and pepper and set aside. Coat the tortilla in a thin layer of mayonnaise. Try our tasty take on Greek salad with our plant-based Greek kebab and plant-based feta cheese. The Swedish brand Oumph has recently made its way into UK health food shops and Tesco. So, we want to help people make their change with our delicious plant-based meat. Vegan Pumpkin Cookies with Chocolate Chunks. Vivera Veggie Shawarma Kebab 175g (31)Leave a review. it was on offer for a 3kg bag £11.83. Our current favourite condiment for these kebabs is the home-made sweet chilli mayonnaise, which I posted earlier this week. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This product contains added iron and vitamin B12. There are now as many as 14 delicious products in the range. For kebabs, I like to flavour the home-made seitan with smoked paprika and ground cumin. ... Go vegan with Vivera. This product contains added iron and vitamin B12. Rehydrated SOYA and WHEAT Protein* [77%], Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Thickener [Methylcellulose], Vinegar, Natural Flavourings, Colours [Beetroot Red, Safflower], Vegetable Fibres [Sugar Cane, Citrus], WHEAT Starch… I’m submitting this recipe to the Suma Blogger’s Network. Place the yogurt in a medium bowl and stir in the minced garlic and the cucumber. Quantity of Vivera Veggie Shawarma Kebab … So, we want to help people make their change with our delicious plant-based meat. large flour tortillas, home-made* or shop-bought, / 12 oz home-made basic seitan** or shop-bought kebab meat alternative e.g. Total £0.00 ... VIVERA. This vegan shawarma with tzatziki and seitan is the perfect comfort food! Vivera Plant Shawarma. That’s a great price for 3kg! Pan fry the strips of seitan (or other meat-free alternative) in a little olive oil. l got my wheat on line. First make the vegan tzatziki. The kebabs are highly versatile, so feel free to switch the filling components to suit your own personal tastes. Season it with paprika and garlic powder, soy sauce, salt, and pepper and cook for about 5 minutes until it's brown and crispy. 100% plant-based. Add a touch more mayonnaise on top of the filling. The group. Fry on medium: 5 mins. Source of vitamin B12 and iron. If using shop-bought meat-free strips, cook according to the instructions on the packet. Once opened keep … 100% Plant-Based. Hi Stuart. Bit of the Good Stuff is a participant in the Amazon EU Services Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Both sit alongside other British favourites including Vivera’s Plant Shawarma Kebab and Plant Steaks. Storage: Keep refrigerated below 5 °C. Description. What would you suggest I use instead please? In a medium pan, heat the olive oil and add the seitan. Traditionally, they are made with processed lamb meat, heavily seasoned with spices. If so, it’s worth asking them if they stock it or if they could order it in for you. Hope his helps you out. It arrived safely in the post. The final, important step is to add some kind of dressing or sauce. Toggle Sidebar. Leave a border on one side (about 2 inches) which you can tuck in to form the bottom of the kebab … 4.4 out of 5 stars (29) 0 in trolley. Today I’m sharing my veganized version of the Turkish doner kebab. Fry the “kebab meat” in a little oil until cooked (3 to 5 mins constantly stirring and turning Warm/toast the pitta breads Slice the lettuce and tomatoes open the pittas to form pockets, stuff withthe kebab meat … Hi Sharon Vivera Plant Shawarma Kebab 175g. With no compromise on taste or texture, Vivera’s range of new plant-based meat includes the world’s first ‘bleeding’ steak. Ingredients Rehydrated SOYA and WHEAT Protein* [82%], Sunflower Oil, Flavourings, Potato Starch, Vinegar, Thickener [Methylcellulose], Sea Salt, Rice Flour, Yeast Extract, Herbs and Spices, Onion … You’ll find it on the veggie/vegan chiller aisle. Plant-based slices made from rehydrated soya protein and seasoned with shawarma herbs. Rehydrated SOYA Protein* [93%], Onion Extract [3%], Natural Flavourings [WHEAT], Pea Fibres, Salt. Lately, my family has been making home-made flour tortillas as they taste so much nicer than the shop-bought ones (plus they literally cost a few pence to make). Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. ✨ READER OFFER ✨ Click here to download this recipe. Try. Offers Recipes Inspiration Sign in Register. In the interim, you could always try one of the shop-bought veggie kebab alternatives. The Dutch company Vivera‘s Veggie Shawarma Kebab is now widely available in the major UK supermarkets – Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. Enjoy a plant-based shawarma kebab, one of a range of meat substitutes from Vivera. As its name suggests, the Oumph ‘Kebab Spiced’ is just perfect for kebabs. My Trolley. Apparently it’s hard to tell what kind of meat is actually in the doner kebab, and tests by UK Trading Standards have revealed that doner meats sometimes contain a mix of animals, such as chicken, beef and pork.
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